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Technology is a huge part of business today. Especially software programs and apps. By choosing the right ones, you can make life a whole lot easier for yourself. Here’s some of the best apps to help your small-medium business thrive.


Creating a to-do list has never been easier and more effective. More than just a basic list of tasks, Wunderlist lets you create tasks, set deadlines, even break them down into smaller tasks. You can assign these tasks to others too, and set regular reminders. There is a free version, as well as more feature-packed one with a small monthly fee per-user.


If you need to track billable hours in your business, Toggl is an app you really need to check out. All of your employees can use it, so not only can you log billable hours for multiple projects and clients, but you can also get data seeing what you’re spending the most hours working on.


Trello is an effective project management tool. It’s quite customisable, but in essence it’s like a digital project board. On each board you can have multiple cards representing tasks. Include all relevant information like notes, links and attachments. You can also move tasks along to different stages. It’s highly visual, which is a big part of the appeal.


Asana is another type of project management app. It relies more on text rather than visuals, but this is great for those who like to really break projects down into small tasks. Assign them easily, track progress and keep all relevant info in one place. It’s also free for up to 15 users.


Slack is a popular internal messaging tool that allows you to create different channels, or chats, for various projects. It’s great for businesses with multiple projects or clients. Simply create different channels for all your needs, and everyone only needs to read what’s relevant to them.


Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are great for managing leads, sales and existing customers. Streak is a CRM that integrates will with Google Apps and Gmail. It’s a great basic alternative if you can’t yet justify the cost of a fully loaded CRM.


Nimble is another type of CRM, but focus a little more on the marketing side of customer relationship. It’s highly interactive with customers’ social media profiles, so if you use socials as a big selling platform, this could be right up your alley.

QuickBooks Online

While it’s not free, QuickBooks Online is a nice alternative to the full finance package. For a low monthly cost, you can easily manage your business finances with QuickBooks. Send invoices, check balances and manage all the basics easily. You can even link to other services such as PayPal.


If you’re a smaller business and don’t want to spend money on accounting software, Wave is definitely worth checking out. You can also integrate it with PayPal, and you can manage invoices, track expenses and even scan receipts to make it easier. It’s free, however if you want premium options like payroll, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee.


Another thing you need to do as a small business is accept payments. The good news is, you don’t need complex expensive POS systems. Square allows you to plug in a small card reader to your phone or tablet and take card payments like any other expensive system. Like everything, there’s a transaction fee but this is no different to other payment methods.

If you want to give your business a boost, or just make life easier for yourself, the apps above give you a great starting point!

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